17May 2017



Magic Of Corporate Email Id

When any business is in its ‘startup’ phase, the primary mode of communication resorted to is; Email. So, you get yourself registered on one of the numerous free Email service providers with the brand name or profession as the account name. But, soon you have numerous departments and you realise you cannot have designation and company’s name as the account name. Then, what should you do?

This is where a Corporate Email Id comes to the rescue! By enabling you to have an uninterrupted flow of communication.
Here are the ways on How Corporate Email Id’s do their magic!


Highlights Your Company Name

Humans have a really short memory and having an email id with a company’s name in the domain name can always remind your clients which company you represent. An added bonus is a subtle yet persistent promotion of your company. In other words free advertising for your Company! While with a free email service, you promote the brands that you are signed up with, never your own!

Raises Your Credibility Bar
Your brand as the domain name immediately proves your strong presence in the market. This in turn raises your market credibility. A strong credibility base helps beat down the competition.

Makes You Look Professional
Corporate Email Id’s showcases your professionalism on the market-front among peers. This is one of the stepping stones to improve business.

Easy To Find

With our current scenario of information overload and time constraints, corporate email ids can help your clients to locate all your company’s messages in one go as well as reach the right resource among your staff, saving you immense time, trouble and frustration.

E.g.: An Email ID like accounts@thecompanysname.com will help the client to understand who they have to contact with regards to accounts.
With corporate email ids you have your individual domain where you can have your very own privacy settings. This also helps you to keep spammers away.

These points highlight how a Corporate Email Id can be of benefit. Through Domainz Guru, not just companies but even an individual can get a personalised Id.

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