Supported network and application security.

Choose from a range of firewall services for end-to-end network security. Order a server today, or speak to us about a managed service.


New Generation

Cisco X Series firewalls with next generation network security.

Managed Options

Interested in a firewall but not sure where to start? Let us help.

Guaranteed Hardware

All hardware is guaranteed for life, and replaced within 4 hours.

Managed Firewall Service

A comprehensive and hassle-free way to secure your servers against malicious traffic. A firewall for your website benefits you in the ways mentioned below:


  • It acts as a filter between your server and the Internet
  • A firewall blocks any kind of malicious attempts to access your server
  • It only allows legitimate traffic


A Domainz Guru Expert will help you choose the right firewall, configure it to your specifications, and both; deploy and manage your firewall according to your requirements.


Self Service Firewall

If you’re comfortable choosing, configuring and managing your firewall, choose from our range of next generation Juniper or Cisco firewalls and chat with an Domainzguru expert to deploy your firewall and servers, which are all guaranteed by our four-hour hardware replacement service level agreement.

CiscoASA 5505$149CHAT TO BUY
JuniperSRX240-H2$220CHAT TO BUY
CiscoASA 5512-X$270CHAT TO BUY
CiscoASA 5515-X$400CHAT TO BUY